Sanctioning Alleged XinjiangForcedLabour

Government Measures

Measures/Responses Documented: 318

On this page you will find the latest version of the Xinjiang Sanctions Government Measures (XJS-GMS) dataset. This includes over 300 measures proposed or adopted by official government bodies in response to alleged forced labour in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

You can search the dataset in the Dataset Explorer below, or filter it by Date, Originating Jurisdiction, Measure Status, Target Type or Measure Type. To see the details of a particular Measure, click on its M# code, on the left.

To download the dataset (before or after you filter it), click on the CSV or Print buttons. Downloading or printing a filtered dataset will render the complete record for all filtered records (and not only the summary data displayed in the Dataset Explorer below).

This is version 4 of the dataset (March 2022). For earlier versions, visit the Archive page.

To learn more about how the dataset is compiled, download the Datasets Coding Manual.

Dataset Explorer

Sanctioning alleged Xinjiang forced labour